10 need-to-know Mandarin Chinese sentences in Taiwan

Taiwan is a nice and beautiful place. If you are considering to visit Taiwan, you better know the following 10 need-to-know Mandarin Chinese sentence in Taiwan.

Need-to-know sentence 1 我要全糖

When ordering drink in Taiwan, you normally can decide how sweet you like.

So, you can say: 我要 + 全糖     / 半糖    / 少糖     / 無糖

wǒ yào +quán táng /bàn táng /shǎo táng /wú tang

It means I want normal sugar content/ half sugar content/ less sugar content/ no sugar content.

Need-to know sentence 2 我要正常冰

When ordering drink in Taiwan, you normally can choice how “cold” you want.

You can tell the clerk:我要+ 正常冰 / 少冰     / 去冰

wǒ yào +zhèng cháng bīng /shǎo bīng /qù bīng

It means I want normal ice cube content/ less ice cube content/ no ice cube

Need-to-know sentence 3 對不起

When you accidently hit or push somebody, or make any mistake, you need to say ”對不起(duì bù qǐ)”, which means “I am sorry.”

Don’t worry, Taiwanese are very kind people, if you disturb anyone or make a mistake, just say “對不起” to them. They will not really get mad to you (normally).

Need-to-know sentence 4 謝謝

When somebody help you or give you something or after you request something, you can say “謝謝(xiè xie)” to them, which means “thank you”

Need-to-know sentence 5 我要這個,謝謝

When you want to see or buy something, you can point out that and say “我要這個,謝謝(wǒ yào zhè ge ,xiè xie)”, which means “I want this, thank you.”

Need-to-know sentence 6 你好

It is just “hi”, “hello” in English, when you want to talk to somebody, or before you request something, you can always start form “你好(nǐ hǎo)”

Need-to-know sentence 7 我要去這裡

When you are in the street and don’t know how to go to the place you want,you can show people add and tell them “我要去這裡(wǒ yào qù zhè lǐ)”, which means “I want to go here.”

Need-to-know sentence 8 我吃素

If you are a vegetarian, you can tell the food shop “我吃素(wǒ chī sù)”, which means “ I am a vegetarian”.

Need-to-know sentence 9 這個多少錢

When you want to buy something, you better ask the price before you really want to buy it. You can ask the shop owner “這個多少錢(zhè gè duō shǎo qián)”, which means “how much is this?”

Need-to-know sentence 10 這個很好

If you want to commend something, you can say “這個很好(zhè ge hěn hǎo)”, which means “it is great”.

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