5 reasons why learning Mandarin Chinese is a smart Decision

Why learning Mandarin Chinese is a smart decision? Let’s check out the following 5 reasons. You will know why you batter start to learn Mandarin Chinese now.

Reason 1 Mandarin Chinese speaking population is in the very top ranking over the word.

Let’s see the document from Wikipedia

Percentage of world pop.
(March 2019)
1Mandarin Chinese91811.922%
4Hindi (sanskritised Hindustani)3414.429%

 If you can speak Mandarin Chinese, your world will become wilder than your imagination. You will have bigger chance to communicate with a foreigner because both of you may both can speak Mandarin.

Reason 2 Increase you chance to gain more opportunities either in finding a job or developing your business.

Mandarin Chinese is one of the most popular language in the world. Also, there are a lot of Chinese Businessmen and enterprise all over the world.

Learning Mandarin Chinese won’t help you to get a job directly, but will increase the possibility to impress others.

In the other side, knowing Mandarin Chinese can assist you build up a closer relationship to a Chinese-businessman compare with those who don’t know any Mandarin Chinese.

Reason 3 Getting the “first hand” information- not through any translation information.

You may interest in Chinese culture, songs, movies, food or anything. But, how you get related information? How you learn it?

The benefit in learning Mandarin Chinese is you can review the information that you are interested directly. You don’t need to wait the others.

And, you don’t need to worried about if the translation is good or not. You won’t be miss leading. Sometimes, even the translator can really do their job well, but, just not like the original.

Reason 4 Break your limit

Mandarin Chinese is very a different language compare with English or Spain. When you try to understand Mandarin Chinese’s logic, you are also break your old habit, experience another new system.

If you want to learn a new language, why not Mandarin? It is not hard, as long as you find the right way, it is a commonly used language, and can bring you more chance to know different people.

Reason 5 Easier to build up your interpersonal networking relationship

It is a common sense that if you want to make friend with somebody quickly, speak his/her mother language is one of the best ways. Speak that language good or bad is not important, let them feel you are “part of them” is the key-point. Again, since Mandarin Chinese is the top 1 popular language, why don’t you choice it to learn!

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