8 Confusing Mandarin Chinese Word Pairs

When learning Mandarin Chinese, there are a lot of confusing words that we need to know more about their differences and usage.

想xiǎng  VS  要yào

想(xiǎng) is a not confirmed intension

要(yào) is a confirmed intension.

走zǒu  VS  走路zǒu lù

走(zǒu) is indicating my movement, I am not running, not flying, I am walking.

走路(zǒu lù) is indicating the “transportation” I choice. Not by bus, not riding bicycle, I move by my feet.

容易róng yì   VS  方便fāng biàn  (both of them can be translated as “easy”)

容易(róng yì) is for telling people that something is not difficult.

方便(fāng biàn) is for telling people that something is convenient.

再zài  VS  在zài

再(zài) means again.

在(zài) means is somewhere or doing something.

高興gāo xìng  VS  快樂kuài lè  (both of them can be translated as “happy”)

高興(gāo xìng) will be used when there is/are something make you feel happy, or, somebody says it will be used for short-turn.

快樂(kuài lè) will be use to describe someone’s character, so, it also can be explained as long-turn situation. Also, it will be used for a celebration, such as Happy New year.

喜歡xǐhuān  VS  愛ài (both of them can be translated as “like”)

喜歡(xǐhuān) normally be use as preference.

愛(ài) is indicated “really like”. If we use it for explaining our feeling about a person, normally it refers to a romantic relationship.

刺激cì jī   VS  興奮xìng fèn

刺激(cì jī) is something can speed up our heartbeat,

興奮(xìng fèn) not only speed up our heartbeat, but also bring us positive feeling.

相信xiāng xìn  VS  信任xìn rèn

相信(xiāng xìn) means you believe in something or somebody.

信任(xìn rèn) means you trust something or somebody.

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