Funny Mandarin Words with “egg”

蛋(dàn) probably be one of the most frequently used word in everyday Chinese. But do you know that “蛋(dàn)” can mean something other than food? Let’s see some funny Mandarin words with “蛋(dàn)”


Which means an Idiot. “他是一個笨蛋”, which means he is an idiot.


When we want to say someone is naughty, we will call that person as “皮蛋(pídàn)”


Which means a pauper. “他現在是個窮光蛋”, refers to “he is a pauper now”.


This is a bad word. When we are really mad about someone, we can call that person as an asshole.


It means a badass. 混蛋only means I am mad about someone, however, 壞蛋really means a bad gay.

王八蛋wángbā dàn

Which means a bastard. The usage is similar like 混蛋.


When we want to describe a person’s face looks cute, nice, fine and so on, we can say”他的臉蛋真好看”, which means “his face looks so beautiful”.

糊塗蛋hútú dàn

Which means absent-minded person. When someone always lost, forget things, very confused, we call that person as 糊塗蛋.


If we are angry to somebody and want that person to get out, we can say 滾蛋. But this is not polite at all.


If I made a mistake and that will bring me a big result, I will say “我完蛋了”, which means “I’m screwed”.

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