How to improve your Chinese Reading Skill

Here are some ideas about how to improve your Chinese reading skills. Reading is a very challenging topic when learning a language. Let’s check it out here.

Select the materials at the right level

How to know is the material at the right level or not? Ask yourself the following questions:

Q1: Can I understand the general meanings about the test without using a dictionary?

Q2: Can I understand the sentence meaning about the test without using checking a dictionary?

Q3: How many time do you use for understanding the test?

Too easy or too hard are not good nether. There is theory be called as “i+1”,”i” means your current level, “+1”means bit harder than what you are now.

Find something you are interested in

Improving reading skills is a long turn plan. It is not easy to see the improvement within a short time. It needs quite strong motivation.

So, how keep the motivation? Of course, there are lots of ways to do, but something you are interested in will defiantly be one of the best options.

In the other side, what you are interested in will be easier to decode. It means that you can catch the meaning easier even though there are certain word you don’t understand or some sentences you are not sure.

Read varieties of test

Read something different every day.

First, it helps you not feeling bord. Reading same type of article may make you feel tired, even it is something interesting in the beginning.

Second, if you always read same type of test, you may become an expert in that field, but how about the other topics?

We are living in a real world, be surrounded by varieties of information. Language is for communication and build up the connection with the world. So, knowing one type of topic is not enough for long turn learning progress.

Language level always be a matter

Vocabulary and grammar knowledge are the foundation of improving your language level.

Anyone who want to read fluently need to instantly recognize words. To understand what you’re reading, you need to understand most of the vocabularies in the text.

Grammar knowledge can help you understand how sentences are built and how to analyze those sentences you are struggling with. It also useful to know how ideas link up at the sentence level.

When we read, we are not only reading vocabularies, single sentence, we are also read the ideas about the whole paragraph.

Set up the right goals

Improving reading ability needs a lot of time. Do it everyday!If you can only practice 10 minutes, then do it 10minutes. Let’s try to set up a learning program for you. Here comes an example, 7 days as circle:

Day1         a video (with captions) or a blog

Day2         a news

Day3         a story

Day4         paragraphs form a test-book

Day5         a literature

Day6         a subscription from a speech

Day7         review day1-6 Remember, be patient, improve your reading ability is a long journey

Remember, be patient, improve your reading ability is a long journey

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