How to learn Mandarin Chinese Easily as a beginner

Is learning Mandarin Chinese hard to you? Let’s check out the following suggestions. You will find how to learn Mandarin Chinese easily as a beginner.

Choice the right materials and select the right speed to listen

There are a lot of Mandarin Chinese learning material for beginners. You can easily find hundreds of videos in YouTube. What you need to do is to choose the one that fit your level (or a little higher), don’t try to push yourself too much. There is an old saying in Mandarin Chinese: More Haste, Less Speed (欲速則不達) which means don’t be rush.

Some You Tubers can speak really good Mandarin, but maybe bit fast to you. Don’t forget there is a bottom in YouTube can adjust video speed. When the speed slow down, everything will become easier.

One day five vocabulary and one sentence

How many days are there is a year? 365days! That is right. If you can remember one new vocabulary and one sentence per day, after one year, you already familiar with so many new words and sentence.

Don’t think there are nothing, they are very important foundation as a beginner. You can develop yourself on top of them, you will improve fast.

The most important thing is to keep what you learn in your brain. Lesser but really understood and remember what you learned. How much you learned is just a number, how much you can understand and remember is the key point.

Slow is not bad, but need to move forward everyday

Ignore speed. Build up your own tempo. Slow doesn’t means anything, fast neither. As long as you are improving and move toward to your goal, slow is not bad. Well prepared for next level.

Don’t stay in place. It is means everyday get something new, everyday try something harder than yesterday. Not too much, just let you feel comfortable (a little stress still be fine).

Read Mandarin Chinese and find what you know

Language is for communication. Unless I try to connect with the real word, what I have learned will be useless.

As a beginner, how can I build up the connection? One of the easier ways is to read something. Reading is less stress than speaking, because you don’t need to respond people immediately and quickly.

However written language is hard than verbal language. What I suggest here is to pick up the characters/vocabularies that you knew. Through this, you can increase the opportunities to repeat what you know in your brain. Also, when you see them, you can try to think about their pronunciation and meaning and so on.

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