How to practice Mandarin Chinese when you are not surrounded by it

When learning a language, the environment surrounded is very important. Now, I am going to show you how to practice your Mandarin Chines when you are not in a Mandarin Chinese speaking environment.

Create a Mandarin Chinese environment by yourself

You can create a Mandarin Chinese environment by yourself!Try to make small cards with Chinese Characters, then stick on your wall. Or you can put the object’s name in Chinese so that you can see it every day.

You can also write short sentence or phrase, such as “早安”、”你喜歡吃餃子嗎?”and ”今天天氣很熱. Depends on your level and interest. If you could make “Question” and “Answer” together will be good.

Talk to yourself

Try to imitate you are talking with a Mandarin Chinese speaking person. What will you ask? What you want to say? Or try to pretend that you are making a speech! Just give yourself a situation.

You can talk to mirror, or just in your brain. No need to be very formal and long. Maybe in the morning, after washing your face; maybe at night, after enjoying your dinner.

One more thing, try to use it directly, don’t translate it first.


However, it is a little bit hard to talk with oneself specially when you are not familiar with that language. Shadowing is another option. You can try to shadow your test book、songs、films or a person, as long as they speak nice Mandarin Chinese.

By shadowing them, you just copy everything naturally, including sentence (grammar)、pronunciation、vocabulary and so on. But do make sure you choose the right sources.

Make a habit of using Mandarin Chinese

If a learner only “learn it”, instead of “use it”, the subject will not become part of he or she. No matter what level you are, please make a habit of using Mandarin Chinese.

Don’t be afraid of mistakes. Do it first. Try to find someone to do language exchange. Internet make communication become very easy. Why not take advantage from here? The more you use, the more you will gain. Mistakes bring us the opportunities to improve. It need time to see the improvement.

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