How to read Chinese Menu as a beginner

Knowing what you are going to swallow is one of the most important things when visiting a foreign country. Let’s see how to read Chinese menu as a beginner.

First, if the food you choose is a “western style” food, the food name probably be a translated name. Herewith provide you certain popular dishes name.

Second, if the food you choose is more like “Chinese style” or “Asian style”, there is a common order when we write the dish’s name. Here is the rule:

Below is some popular cooking methods and main ingredients:

Cooking methods:

Main ingredients (meat):

For example:紅燒牛肉飯 hóngshāo niúròu fàn / Braised Beef with Rice

In this case, “紅燒hóngshāo” is the cooking method

“牛肉niúròu” is the main ingredient

“飯fàn” is rice, if what you choose is a combo meal

However, if what you order is based on “rice” or “noodle”, I mean, a plate of stir fry rice or noodle, the order will be like below:

For example,

蝦仁蛋炒飯 xiārén dàn chǎofàn/ Fried Rice with Shrimp and Egg

排骨湯麵 páigǔ tāngmiàn/ pork ribs soup with noodle

According to this basic information, you can have a roughly idea about what you order and eat.

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