How to start learning Mandarin/Chinese

Anyone who is interested in learning Mandarin/Chinese may ask this: how to start learning Mandarin/Chinese? To start it is not hard, but how to start it correctly will be more crucial. There are some advice to beginners.

Advice 1  Find a teacher/tutor/instructor in the beginning.

A teacher can help you build up good foundation. As everyone knew, there are a lots of free sources in Youtube and/or other website. Those videos are good and useful, but not for a serious learning.

We can always start our self-learning journey, only needs to know we are on the right track. Unless you grow up in a Mandarin-speaking environment and/or have a lot of chance to hear Mandarin, I will suggest you find a teacher when you start to learn Mandarin.

A teacher can help learners to have well understanding about Mandarin/Chinese, especially in pronunciation. Once you learn the wrong thing in the beginning, you will spend much more time to correct it in the future.

Advice 2  Faster in the beginning doesn’t means reach the finish line earlier.

When a person decided to learn a new language, normally they are with strong motivation. It is necessary. However, that motivation will become a desire to push learners to move too fast.

If you are a fast learner, it is good to learn fast. But practice what we learned is as important as learning new thing. Between “learned something” and “good at something” are really different. We are not only learning Mandarin, we also need to use it. Knowing how to use Mandarin and survive in a Mandarin-speaking environment is more important than how many books you have had learned.

Advice 3  You might not be able to pronounce like a native speaker, but pronunciation still worth to spend effort.

Learning a language is for communicating with others. We might not be  able to read or write, but we need to let people understand us. If we can’t pronounce properly, how can they understand us?

Do learn pronunciation nicely, try to pronounce every sound exactly and precisely. You have to know what you said.

Advice 4  Destructure Mandarin/Chinese

Before starting learning Mandarin/Chinese, try to get basic understand about it. Basically there are three parts in Chinese: shape, pronunciation and meanings. Each parts can be included several elements.

By knowing what is Chinese and help learners prepare well for further learning. Then you can set up the right goal and try to achieve step by step.

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