mid-autumn festival

How we celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival in Taiwan

Mid-Autumn Festival is a popular festival is East and Southeast Asia. Different place has different ways to celebrate. Let’s see how Taiwanese do for Mid-Autumn Festival.

1.Eating with friends or family

Traditionally, the way Taiwanese celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival is to eat with family at this special day. But nowadays, young generation prefer to celebrate with their friends.

2.Having BBQ instead of eating in a restaurant

Most of our traditional festivals we choice either to eat at home or in a restaurant. But for celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival, we Taiwanese like to have BBQ outside.

You may see a lot of people have their BBQ in the park, in front of their house, or any place that they can do it during Mid-Autumn Festival season. This is a kind of new “tradition” in Taiwan.

However, because of COVID-19, this year we can’t really have BBQ as before.

3.moon cake and yolk pastry are both popular

Cantonese-style moon cake
yolk pastry
mung bean pastry

In Taiwan, we eat many kinds of pastry as moon cake, not only the popular-known type.

First, the popular-known type we call it as “廣式月餅/Guǎng shì yuèbǐng”, which means Cantonese-style moon cakes.

Second is yolk pastry, 蛋黃酥/Dànhuáng sū. Taiwanese now love this more than the Cantonese-style moon cakes.

The third one we call it mung bean pastry (綠豆椪/ Lǜdòu pèng). This is kind of pastry is a traditional local style Mid-Autumn Festival food.

4.Pomelo is a must-eat fruit

There is a must-eat fruit in Taiwan at Mid-Autumn Festival. That fruit is pomelo. After eating pomelo, we will use the peel to make a hat and put on our head. It is just for fun.

5.Greeting words Finally is the greeting words.

In Mid-Autumn Festival, we will say” 中秋節快樂/Zhōngqiū jié kuàilè”,which means happy Mid-Autumn Festival, to each other. Now, let’s 中秋節快樂 to each other!!

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