Special Food Name Need to Know when Traveling in Taiwan

When traveling in Taiwan, there are some Taiwanese cuisine’s name you need to know before you order it. There are some special food name really hard to know what it is.

烤七里香 Kǎo Qīlǐxiāng

Literally translation:roast Common Jasmine Orange

Real meaning:roast chicken ass


Literally translation:farm chicken

Real meaning:frog


Literally translation:Dragon Ball

Real meaning:squid mouth

紅燒獅子頭Hóngshāo shīzitóu

Literally translation:Braised lion head

Real meaning:braised pork balls with Chinese cabbage

下水湯Xiàshuǐ tang

Literally translation:”into the water” soup

Real meaning:soup made with internal organs

甜不辣Tián bù là

Literally translation:Sweet but not spicy

Real meaning:tempura (from Japan )

老皮嫩肉Lǎo pí nèn ròu

Literally translation:Old skin and tender meat

Real meaning:Fried tofu


Literally translation:Flat food

Real meaning: Wonton

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