Mandarin Chinese class

What should I do after my Mandarin Chinese class

After a Mandarin Chinese class, what we can do to remain or keep the content we’ve learned in our “brain”? Here comes some suggestions.

repeating everyday

Repeat everything you learned in your Mandarin Chinese class every day.

Learning, especially a language, learners need to practice what they learned in the class. Maybe repeat the sentences in the teaching material, maybe listen to the content. Anything will be good.

Do it everyday! Let your “brain” to absorb them. Make everything become nature. Don’t do it like a” serious study”. It is not a home-work, you are doing something you are interesting. So, be happy and relaxing.

use keyword

Use Google/YouTube “keywords” function to find those new vocabularies you learned in the class.

Try to search what you learned in your Mandarin Chinese class from internet. You might not be able to understand everything that you found in Google or YouTube, but definitely can increase the chance you hear or see them.

Choice those which meet your current level. Too hard or too easy won’t help. The purpose is to know how Mandarin Chinese speaking people use those words in the real life.

use new Mandarin Chinese words together with the old one

Use them together with what you have learned before.

When learning anything, no chapter can be separated with other chapters. Please use the newly-learned knowledge together with those you learned before. Develop new skills based on what you can do now.

In the other side, I would like to say, don’t let the new knowledge squeeze away the old one. Anyone who wants to improve their Mandarin Chinese skills need to combine every information they learned or learning from their Mandarin Chinese class.

combine what we learned in Mandarin Chinese class with your daily life

Build up the connection with your daily life

The purpose of learning a language is to use it. But, knowledge in a book will only be knowledge unless we can build up the connection between bool and the real word.

If you are a Mandarin Chinese speaking place, just walk out and talk with them. If you are not in a Mandarin Chinese speaking place, still there are ways can do it. Like when walking on the street, think about any Mandarin Chinese you learned from the environment you are.

Here you can read about How to practice Mandarin Chinese when you are not surrounded by it.

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