Top 10 NOT-recommended Foods when you are traveling in Taiwan

As most of you know, Taiwan is a place with a lot of amazing foods. But I am going to warn you that the following 10 foods you better think more before you try it.

豬血糕zhū xiě gāo  pig blood cake

雞爪jī zhǎo  chicken feet

臭豆腐chòu dòu fǔ  Stinky tofu

皮蛋pí dàn  century eggs

雞坲jī fó  Chicken Testicles

豬腦zhū nǎo  Pig Brain

雞屁股jī pì gǔ  chicken butt

鴨舌yā shé  Duck Tongue

豬腳zhū jiǎo  pork knuckle

鴨血yā xiě  Duck blood

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