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The Must-try List when visiting Taiwan Night Market

What should a visitor should try in Taiwan’s night market except stinky tofu, pig blood cake and braised pork rice? There are a lot of delicious street food waiting you in Taiwan.

蚵仔煎 ézǐ jiān   oyster omelet / Fried oyster with potato starch, egg and vegetable, drizzled with sweet and hot sauce.

炸地瓜球 zhà dìguā qiú  deep fried sweet potato ball / Deep fried sweet potato dough, tastes sweet and chewy, with light sweet potato flavor.

蚵仔麵線 ézǐ miàn xiàn  oyster vermicelli noodles / Sticky thin noodle soup with oyster. You can add chili sauce and coriander when eating it.

肉圓 ròu yuán  mega meat-dumpling / Steam or oil stew potato starch with meat, eating with garlic soy sauce or sweet chili sauce.

水煎包 shuǐ jiān bāo  pan fried buns / Pan fried meat bun. Outside is crispy and inside is juicy.

滷味 lǔwèi  braised dishes / You can choice what you like and the shopper will reheat your food again in the sauce.

鹹酥雞 xián sū jī  Taiwan fried popcorn chicken / You can choice what you like and the shopper will deep fried your food.

肉羹 ròu gēng  pork thick soup / In this soup, you will get soft meat and vegetables. Normally we add chili sauce and black vinegar after the shopper server it.

蔥油餅 cōng yóubǐng  green onion cake / Fried cake which has green onion with the salty dough. Sometimes we will add an egg together with it. Also, you can eat with chili sauce and soy sauce.

胡椒餅 hújiāo bǐng  pepper bun / This is a very special street food. The shopper stick the bun on the inside surface of the stove and bake it. Normally the filling is pork with green onion and black pepper.

大腸包小腸 dàcháng bāo xiǎocháng  Taiwanese sausage with sticky rice / This is not the very popular street food but very famous in Taiwan. The shopper use sticky rice roll to wrap Taiwanese sausage with some spicy and sauces.

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